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Camera Whores

Posting Access:
All Members
Rules of Application

1. Post application at least 24 hours after joining.

2. Post "i want it bad" in the subject line

3. Give us your Name Age and location

4. Post 3 pics of your self and 3 other pics you have taken

5. give us any other information that you think will make a
good first impression.

6. Post all this shit behind an lj cut.

* once your application has been posted we will vote to decide your fate


1. You must be a member to post

2. Post whatever you want. Pics, cool websites, upcoming shows
art, etc. If the entry is pretty leangthy put most of it
behind and lj cut

3. More than one picture in an entry must be behind an lj cut
unless the are pretty small pics and dont take up any more
room than a normal lj entry.

4. Pictures must be no bigger than 640 X 480. No one likes
super huge pictures lagging thier comps. If you must have
the pic larger than 640 X 480 post a link to were a whore
can view it in its larger praportions.

5. Tasteful and Artistic Nudity is allowed. No pictures of you
masterbating or having sex.

6. Comments of other peoples pics are not only allowed but also
encouraged. That being said please focus comments on the
pics themselves not just blatant personal attacks. Post that
shit on your lj or thiers.

7. Dont steel other peoples pics. Photoshoping or posting of
other peoples images are allowed if you obtain permission and
give credit to that persons picture.

* break these rules and you will be given a warning. 3 warnings gets your ass thrown out


From time to time we will have competitions. Our competitions will consist
of taking pictures based on a certain theme or rules created for that
specific competition. Once the dead line has arrived we will post our pics
we have taken and vote for who did the best job. The winner will then pick
the next rules and or theme for next times competition.

Mods ragingwhoremoan